We’re a group of hard working, news breaking, media-minded students who are busy digging up the truth from the campus of Oregon State University. This site was designed as a presentation for a spot news coverage competition put on by Oregon State Student Media.


The OSU Insider is brought to you by ….

Makenzie Marineau

Senior at Oregon State University
Major: New Media Communications with a focus in political science

Makenzie is an active student who has a diverse background in many areas of media. Currently she is working for OSU News & Research Communications as a communications assistant. Her past work includes being a writer for The Daily Barometer in sports and news, an editorial intern for brass|MEDIA, the communications coordinator for OSU’s Community Service Center, a marketing intern for Limelight Department, and efforts on many other volunteer projects. She has a passion for all things media, culture and communication. You can read more about her passion for new media on her blog New Media Mak.

David Johnson

Senior at Oregon State University
Major: New Media Communications

David has worked for KBVR-TV for three years and is currently the KBVR-TV station Manager. When he first started as a program director he was producing his own show. He now has experience working on all KBVR-TV shows. David also had the opportunity to intern as a part of the OSU athletics video crew where he recorded sporting events for the big screen and streaming. He is a fan of all different types of media.

Audrey Wiltz

Freshman at Oregon State University
Major: New Media Communications

Audrey is originally from Eugene, Oregon but spent her first fall term here in Corvallis attending OSU. She has been working for KBVR TV as a news anchor for the Beaver News this year, and plans to continue working in student media. She enjoys football, basketball and spending time with friends and family.  But don’t tempt her with chocolate chip cookies (she may eat them all before you get one).

Sam Rosenbluth

Senior at Oregon State University
Major: New Media Communications

Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Sam migrated down south and has since fallen in love with Oregon. He is currently working with KBVR-TV. Past work includes promotional director of KBVR-FM and an internship with a local Anchorage news station. His interests include paintball, poker, and movies.


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