By Audrey Wiltz

OSU Insider

Dec. 14, 2010

CORVALLIS,OR – As voted upon by Oregon State students last year, a new building will be in store for OSU’s campus. The Student Experience Center, a building with a similar concept to the MU, will be build within the parking lot of the MU between the book store and the library in the next upcoming years. Much planning and preparation has been put in to assure this is a good choice for OSU and students elsewhere are preparing for the change. Director of Student Media Julia Sandidge and Chief Engineer of KBVR Jack Kemp will be flying down to California with three students, David Johnson, Brandon Southward, and Luke Marquez to assess what student media is like in other areas. An architect who will be working on plans for the building will be joining them on the trip as well. A few hours after leaving the Portland International Airport at 9:20 in the morning, the group will arrive in Burbank, California and then further travel to ESPN Sports Center, Annenburg School of Journalism at the University of Southern California, and The Current TV Station on their short two day trip. The students will be viewing not only the equipment and facilities, but looking at how the media services function on certain types of budgets. Brandon Southward, the editor for the news in the Daily Barometer says that he is excited to see what student media in California is like in comparison to what he’s been exposed to here. He also says that he is excited to be involved in creating possibilities that would provide for future students – to choose the resources and tools so that they could be the best student media ever. The group will return Friday afternoon in hopes to have collected new innovative ideas, concepts, and structure designs that they can incorporate into the Student Media portion of the new Student Experience Center.

Graphic Image of planning for location and structure of building



Photos taken by Makenzie Marineau


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